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Leighann’s Latest

God is Silent on Many Things, but these 6 Things I Know!

Jennifer and me

  When we invite Jesus to “live in our hearts” we don’t have a mysterious vapor-like tiny little spirit of God hovering like a mist hoping that we’ll give Him permission to infiltrate us. My favorite prayer teacher, Jennifer Kennedy Dean declared that God doesn’t come into our lives to sit passively in a little […]

5 Divine Weapons that Win Battles for our Kids: A Personal Relationship with God


 The most powerful weapon we carry into battle is the confidence we have in God to be God in our lives. This is the 5th and final weapon in this series of 5 Weapons that Win Battles for our Kids. Here is a recap of all 5 weapons. 1.  We can know what the future […]

Made4This Breakout Conferences


    We are looking forward to our Made4This Conference for girls!! Here is a sneak peak at our great breakout conferences. All of our breakout leaders are amazingly beautiful women, but I was having trouble uploading their pictures…just being a bit honest. However, their conference descriptions are spot on and we are looking forward […]

5 Divine Weapons that Win Battles for our Kids: Your Sister-Friends

Kathleen and me

This is me and one of my dearest friends, Kathleen. She was the one who fed me croissants and chicken salad the day the war I was fighting became personal and my world turned upside down and inside out. In fact, Kathleen understood that toilet paper, fresh guacamole and a gallon of milk were practical […]

Made4This 2015 Date change

  There has only been one other time that I thought the snow disrupted God’s best plan, only to discover He had one even better. And since that time…I’ve  decided to let Him call the shots when it comes to the snow and the ice in Tennessee. Yesterday I made the decision to reschedule our Made4This […]