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On Prayer


If you’re like most people, you’ve uttered a prayer or two. “Oh God, please!!!! Get me out of this mess!” Or, “Lord, we desperately need You to…” And unless you are in the elite group of 16% of pastors who said they were satisfied with their prayer lives, you are most likely DIS-satisfied with the […]

God Speaks. Can you hear Him?


I wrote an entire book on this subject. As followers of Jesus we say we have yielded our lives to our Savior, and yet we spend most of our energy making sure He hears us rather than us hearing Him. In A Woman’s Guide to Hearing God’s Voice I explain how you can develop your ability […]

“It Has Some Quirkiness to It”–4 Things Every Mama Needs to Know if Your Kids are 20-something

Ecclesiastes 78

Ok, so this blog post might be a bit tongue in cheek. But I was inspired by a friend of mine who finally found an apartment in East Asia where she and her family are serving as, undercover M’s (send me your email if you want to know what that means). Here is what she […]

Prayer of Relinquishment

This prayer…might very well be the most powerful prayer you can ever pray. Heaven’s gates are open wide when we are “crucified with Christ.” (Galatians 2:20) Today, O Lord, I yield myself to You. May Your will be my delight today. May You have perfect sway in me. May your love be the pattern of […]

3 Things the Devil Doesn’t Want You to Know about God


When your loved ones lose their way, when they take a detour away from God’s best for their lives and leave you grieving, the devil wants to keep you confused about God’s redemptive strategy for them. For he knows how powerful your intercessory prayers are on their behalf! And because you have the authority to break the strongholds that hold them captive, that wicked serpent has to […]