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But He’s Never Hit Me

domestic violence

One of the things I love most about my life is the privilege I have of meeting some great women who demonstrate never fail faith. Yvonne Ortega is such a woman. Yvonne leads a ministry called “Moving From Broken to Beautiful.” She says, “I’ve moved from broken to beautiful and you can too.” Visit her online at […]

The New Disney…


This past weekend Tom (my husband) and Tj (my son) and I went together to see Maleficent. We loved it. An age old story with a bit of a twist (and told from a very different perspective). I am a fan of believable “fairy tales” that still give us “happily ever after” kind of endings. I’m […]

Nothing Like a Good Dose of Sunshine!

party 3

Well, nothing like a quick trip to Panama City Beach to gain a whole lot of perspective. I’ve learned a powerful spiritual truth lately…There is powerful purpose in play! And God wants us to play along the way. I even have Scripture to back this up; “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout […]

Life’s Unexpected Twists and Turns


Tom and I have been home from our trip of a lifetime (a gift from Thompson Station Church to commemorate 25 years as their pastor and wife) for nearly 3 weeks. I anticipated that I would have had time by now to post pictures and tell you all about our journey through Italy, Greece and […]

He Said…She Said… You Can’t Do it Alone


I’m still on the other side of the pond enjoying an incredible trip with my good husband! We will be returning on Thursday. I chose this sermon from Tom’s “Return” sermon series that he preached in January. We were in the midst of a month long prayer emphasis. You Can’t Do it Alone. He said…”I […]